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Water Bioremediation

MBD Industries has invested heavily in research and development of viable water bioremediation solutions for heavy industry (including power stations and minerals processors), mining factory farming and aquaculture. A wide range of environmentally harmful contaminants including nutrients and heavy metals, have been investigated.

We begin by identifying the most appropriate bioremediation solution for any given pollution challenge. Typical projects may utilise select macro algae, micro algae or bacteria or combinations of these.

Unlike costly waste disposal systems that offer limited opportunity for cost recovery, we offer the potential for comparatively low-cost waste water bioremediation solutions with the option of deriving significant cost offsets through the commercial production of biomass. Depending on the contamination type, location and commercial considerations, by-product algal biomass may be suited to the upstream production of fuels, fertilisers, food and animal feed.

The company is now developing sustainable turn-key solutions with a growing list of project partners.


Algae Feed & Food

MBD has factored production of various forms of algae-based animal feed and high-value human foods into the delivery of a number of waste stream bioremediation projects.
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Growth Systems

Choice of commercial-scale cultivation system is determined by evaluation of waste stream types and locally occurring algae strains, harvesting potential and the best available commercial options for the on-going production of algal biomass.
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Strain Selection

A core aspect of MBD Industries' capacity to biologically remediate a wide variety of waste streams is our ability to provide a match between the waste contamination type and the biological organisms best suited to help.
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