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News Archive

15 February, 2018
A fresh focus on commercialisation

05 February, 2018
Sam Bastounas appointed as MBD's Managing Director and CEO

26 October, 2017
Queensland algae could be used to tackle obesity - Brisbane Times

20 September, 2017
James Cook University and MBD progress Ulva biorefinery

05 September, 2017
JCU and MBD lead Singapore aquaculture delegation

30 May, 2017
Could seaweed hold clues to the secret of weight loss?

15 May, 2017
Work near completion on red algae plant near Alva Beach - Townsville Bulletin

10 April, 2017
Australian Government backs MBDs Vietnam venture with $853,153 to create water improvement technology

22 January, 2017
ABC Radio National - Future Tense - Reimaging Algae

20 January, 2017
ABC Country Hour - Climate change and agricultural run-off top two threats identified in NSW marine threat report

10 November, 2016
WIN TV News cover the animal feed trials conducted by MBD

17 October, 2016
Technology helps Vietnam transform prawn market - Financial Review

09 September, 2016
For Shareholders Only -- MBD Energy September 2016 Shareholder Update

22 August, 2016
He sold wotif, now Graeme Wood is putting money into biotech - The Age Businesss Day

09 June, 2016
Burdekin Shire, Northern Queensland will be home to MBD’s major new aquaculture facility, the first of its kind in Australia.

08 May, 2016
TerraVia And Bunge Target A Sustainable Alternative For The Fish Oil Market

02 April, 2016
ABC Landline - Cobia : Wagyu of the Sea Reporter: Pip Courtney

02 December, 2015
How JCU Algae Researchers are successfully working with MBD to transform the aquaculture industry in Nth Qld.

27 October, 2015
For Shareholders Only -- MBD Energy 2015 Annual Report

18 August, 2015
Algae May Be Next Big Thing In Clean Energy Production - Jill Arce, Tech Times

15 August, 2015
Tim Flannery's message of hope: new third way technologies will help combat climate change - Sydney Morning Herald

14 August, 2015
Queensland algae technology expands to cane industry - ABC Rural (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

10 June, 2015
United Nations Australia Association Sustainable Water Management Award

10 June, 2015
JCU algae researchers win top environment award

21 May, 2015
Shrimp disease still haunts booming Thai food exports - Bangkok Post - 21st May 2015

17 April, 2015
Algae set to provide $20 Million injection - The Burdekin Grower - 17th April 2015

08 April, 2015
Big catch in prawn pitch - The Burdekin Grower - 8th April 2015

03 January, 2015
The Economist - Strange Brew - Cleaning up waste water with algae

01 January, 2015
ABC Rural reports on how Queensland’s algae technology is ready to expand

27 October, 2014
MBD in Melbourne - Andrew Lawson interviewed by The City of Melbourne

23 October, 2014
Algae World News - Astaxanthin provides broad spectrum protection

24 July, 2014
MBD features at the Australian High Commission Singapore Showcase Event

29 June, 2014
Nine reasons to eat more fish - The Australian

23 April, 2014
Queensland researchers say seaweed may help the Great Barrier Reef - ABC News

21 April, 2014
Know How Magazine - Smart Waste Solutions

23 February, 2014
MBD Energy signs Chinese Joint Venture agreement

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