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Algal feed and food

Algal bioremediation of waste water streams from intensive farming activities, such as aquaculture, piggeries and animal feedlots, is capable of producing commercial volumes of algae biomass suitable for human and animal nutrition.

Both micro-algae and macro-algae are already used as sources of nutrition for humans and animals. The potential to expand upon existing and new markets is significant.

With the world’s population continuing to grow by approximately 60 million people per year the capacity of agricultural lands to meet production demand is increasingly limited. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has identified diminishing food security as a major threat to mankind over coming decades.

Unlike conventional agriculture, MBD’s production of nutritious algal food and feed supplements is not dependent upon rainfall and access to traditional cropping farmlands in order to maintain peak productivity.

Due in no small part to its high levels of protein and natural vitamins, algae-based foods already constitute about 8 per cent of Asian diets and MBD anticipates such demand to grow.

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Water Bioremediation

MBD Industries has invested heavily in research and development of viable water bioremediation solutions for heavy industry (including power stations and minerals processors), mining factory farming and aquaculture.
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Fertiliser And Biochar

Algae based fertilisers can be made from 100% algae biomass. Trials have identified strong bio available levels of N, P and K. In addition a number of macro algae strains have additional bio stimulants that increase root production.
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