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Fertiliser and Biochar

Algae based fertilisers can be made from 100% algae biomass. Trials have identified strong bio available levels of N, P and K. In addition a number of macro algae strains have additional bio stimulants that increase root production. The combined benefits have been tested by MBD's team and in third party trials.

Following these trials, and in line with increased production levels at our projects, MBD will look to expand the use of the algae biomass as fertiliser products.

Biochar, made by heating biomass in the absence of oxygen to avoid combustion, also has application as an excellent means of enriching the soil of depleted farmlands with both carbon and nutrients, providing a complimentary use with fertilisers.


Algal feed and food

Algal bioremediation of waste water streams from intensive farming activities, such as aquaculture, piggeries and animal feedlots, is capable of producing commercial volumes of algae biomass suitable for human and animal nutrition.
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Water Bioremediation

MBD Industries has invested heavily in research and development of viable water bioremediation solutions for heavy industry (including power stations and minerals processors), mining factory farming and aquaculture.
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