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MBD's Astaxanthin project is based in Ayr, North Queensland. Astaxanthin is extracted from a fresh water algae, Haematococcus Pluvilais (HP) to produce nutraceuticals and natural pigments.

A highly valuable red carotenoid, Astaxanthin, is at the high end of the product spectrum. It is the most potent natural antioxidant and is in high demand for nutraceuticals, salmon farming and as a natural colouring agent in foods and in various industrial applications.

The fastest growing sector in the world food economy is aquaculture. Natural astaxanthin is fed to farmed fish particularly salmon and prawns.

Rising consumer disposable income, growing health awareness and the trend towards natural and fortified ingredients is fuelling growth in the global demand for carotenoid, including astaxanthin

With rising health care costs, the trend is towards disease prevention. Astaxanthin is a stronger and more powerful anti-oxidant than other carotenoids and thus is more effective at neutralising free radicals and thus its reputation is growing in the market.

Our product is showing high yields and good stability at our pilot facility with the same results expected at our project site in Ayr when operational.


Animal Farming

One of Australia's largest meat producers, with capacity to produce approximately 500,000 animals per year, wishes to explore use of MBD's algal bioremediation to treat waste water and to provide animal feed.
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Mineral Processing

Having completed a range of successful trials with waste water from industrial and mining sources, MBD will continue to investigate projects that require low cost remediation of water in Australia and Asia.
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Pacific Reef Fisheries (PRF) facility at Ayr North Queensland has been operating since 1998 and is immediately adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) where water is drawn to grow premium quality Black Tiger Prawns.
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Electricity Generation

MBD Industries completed the trial of bio remediation of power station ash dam and waste streams for the production of new value in the form of versatile algal biomass.
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