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Pacific Reef Fisheries (PRF) facility at Ayr North Queensland has been operating since 1998 and is immediately adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) where water is drawn to grow premium quality Black Tiger Prawns. The farm produces 1000 tonnes of prawns per annum.

MBD's project at PRF bioremediates the farms nutrient rich water. Government Environmental Regulations require nitrogen and phosphorous content levels of discharge water to be significantly reduced or eliminated before it can be returned to the waters of the Great Barrier Reef. This has resulted in no new farm permits being issued for the last 15 years

The PRF project has become the benchmark for future production and provides ongoing information to determine optimum parameters or system settings for ongoing bioremediation. Over the last 4 years the PRF project has demonstrated the efficacy of the project in providing a solution to the problem of nutrient rich water cleanup to the satisfaction of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA). Following detailed monitoring GBRMPA approved the system and the expansion of PRF's Guthalungra project (259 ha) in 2016.

In addition to the Australian projects MBD has partnered with Viet-Uc, one of Vietnam's largest prawn producers who are seeking to significantly improve their prawn and water quality using MBD technology. With more than 800 Ha of covered growth ponds in place at Viet-Uc's hatchery facilities the company is embarking on a major production expansion at 4 sites totaling 1950Ha of grow out operations. Each prawn farm generates significant quantities of nutrient rich water. MBD will operate the bioremediation technology at each of the Viet-Uc facilities. Viet-UC are driven to significantly improve prawn quality and production through improvements in water quality and diet.

MBD uses algae species that are native to the area. The algae biomass has a variety of valuable applications and is used as a fertiliser ingredient. Trials conducted by MBD for our Asian operations have demonstrated its use in prawn feed to reduce prawn mortality from poor water quality and Early Mortality Syndrome (EMS) (A disease that has decimated Asian production over the last 5 years).



Building on the success of recent trials, MBD is now moving to expand a major aquaculture waste water bioremediation facility in order to help a large Australian seafood producer to cost-efficiently manage large quantities of nutrient ...
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Electricity Generation

MBD Industries completed the trial of bio remediation of power station ash dam and waste streams for the production of new value in the form of versatile algal biomass.
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Mineral Processing

Having completed a range of successful trials with waste water from industrial and mining sources, MBD will continue to investigate projects that require low cost remediation of water in Australia and Asia.
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Animal Farming

One of Australia's largest meat producers, with capacity to produce approximately 500,000 animals per year, wishes to explore use of MBD's algal bioremediation to treat waste water and to provide animal feed.
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