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Our Technology

MBD's industrial waste-to-biomass solutions

The world is shifting to industrial processes that minimise environmental impact and where possible re-use or recycle waste in order to prevent harm to human health and natural ecosystems.

Supported by a world-class research and development team based at James Cook University, MBD has closely studied how natural biological processes can be commercially applied to solving large-scale industrial waste treatment problems.

Using proprietary growth systems, MBD is designing and building optimised industrial waste bioremediation facilities capable of converting contaminated waste water into commercially useful biomass feedstock.

This biomass, which may comprise micro and macro algae, can be used for manufacture of fertiliser, food, nutraceuticals, or animal feed products, subject to project design and market demand.

Our engagement with industrial partners typically commences with collection of algae strains, local to each project site, which may be suited to scale-up cultivation. This protects local biodiversity and ensures no threat to the local ecology.

Equally important for MBD are our relationships with off-take partners with whom we work very closely to deliver high quality outcomes.


Wastewater Treatment

Many industrial processes consume large amounts of clean water and consequently produce similarly large amounts of contaminated wastewater. Businesses that release contaminated...
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Strain Selection

A core aspect of MBD Industries capacity to biologically remediate a wide variety of waste streams is our ability to provide a match between the waste contamination type and the biological organisms best suited to help. Options include particular forms of macro algae and micro algae.
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