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Wastewater Treatment

Many industrial processes consume large amounts of clean water and consequently produce similarly large amounts of contaminated wastewater. Businesses that release contaminated wastewater into the natural environment, causing ecological harm, are increasingly liable to significant fines and prosecution.

Whilst sophisticated technologies have long been available to deal with most contamination types, many are dependent upon highly energy-intensive pumping and filtration systems, making them very expensive to operate.

Using algal bioremediation as a pre-treatment or full bioremediation of wastewater can provide businesses with an affordable alternative to undue reliance on more costly technology-based approaches.

MBD has developed a wide range of industries capacity to match particular forms of water contamination with select strains of algae that can partly or fully remediate waste water, depending on the contamination type and severity. Examples include nutrient waste streams produced through intensive farming, such as aquaculture, piggeries and feedlots; and heavy metals found in wastewater produced through power generation, mining and minerals processing activities.


Strain Selection

A core aspect of MBD Industries capacity to biologically remediate a wide variety of waste streams is our ability to provide a match between the waste contamination type and the biological organisms best suited to help. Options include particular forms of macro algae and micro algae.
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Growth Systems

Choice of commercial-scale cultivation system is determined by evaluation of waste stream types and locally occurring algae strains, harvesting potential and the best available commercial options for the on-going production of algal biomass.
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